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Rocky Mountain Collegian: Oct. 23, 2010 - Double Truck

Another annual project my paper would create: The Student Media wrap. Quite the undertaking, especially running simultaneously to the paper’s daily grind. But it’s a great way to introduce the student body to not only the Collegian but also the Student Media office.

I took the design a different way, breaking a bit from our style to create something more memorable. This had previously been a standard layout, modular and from top to bottom. Here, I incorporated each necessary element but with a new flair. I used the gold we always do, and did my best to give everyone equal representation.


Page 1:

  • I really like this cover, and how everything flows. I also love that there’s art throughout, keeping things from getting gray or stale down-page.

Page 2:

  • The big one. This page summed up the paper I’d been working at for years, and so I wanted to make sure I did it justice. I especially like the Editorial Staff mug section. I think that was a great touch to introduce the readers to us.
  • LOVE the What to Expect. That turned out wonderfully, and helped our readers understand that much more.
  • This page is informative and while busy, not cluttered. It has a lot, but also get’s a lot across. I think it works wonderfully.

Page 3:

  • A bit more boring, I did what I could with the room I had. I think they still got their piece represented, and the advertising piece especially was nice and informative too.

Page 4:

  • Another standard design, but keeping to the wrap’s style! I think it turned out nicely.
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