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Rocky Mountain Collegian: Sept. 27 and Nov. 3, 2010 - Election Double Trucks

For each election season, we would do our best at the Collegian to get the information in quick hits, knowing that most students would prefer the breakdown to a 30-inch story. So along with the news team, I worked on making sure we had all the essential information to track the election cycle.


Sept. 27, 2010

  • For the initial double truck, I decided on the flag background, working on a good opacity and placement so it didn’t overwhelm the information but also tagged the piece so in future projects we would have an identifiable element for election coverage.
  • The typography for it I think works well, not too over done but also noticeable. It holds its own on the page.
  • I liked how our schedule turned out, with a clean look that was spaced out but still condensed so that it took up the right amount of room.
  • While the graphic didn’t turn out quite how I hoped, the ballot box is a nice way to break from the standard box format and instead go with something that would grab attention.
  • The logo on the top was a standing element for all election coverage on front pages and inside too, so it stood here to hold that element over.

Nov. 3, 2010

  • This was completed on election night, and I must say it pieced together well for being deadline work. The stories all fit nicely, and with our photographers covering each race, I’m glad we got what photos we could in.
  • The Amendments breakdown is one of my favorite elements. It is clean and simple, mimicking a ballot while holding to the design elements I had established on that first double truck. All in all, it was a great way to punch out those results, and with late announcements on those results, it was also simple to assemble in a hurry.
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